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Golf Instructor Arlen Bento Jr. owns and operates his own indoor golf performance center in Stuart Florida that is available to all students from Arlen Bento Jr. Golf Academy at the Saints Golf Course.

The 2000 square foot indoor golf performance center features a state of the art HD Golf Simulator, 4 high speed cameras, 12 infrared sensors for accurate golf shot simulation including excellent course play, computer swing video analysis from V1 with a large monitor so you can understand what your doing in your golf swing, 4D motion system that shows you want your body is doing and 3D Swing & Putting Lab data which we use to help our students understand what is going on with their club face in the swing and with their putting.

The golf performance center also offers Club Fitting, Loft & Lie adjustments, Grip Repair, and one of the largest selections of Used Golf Clubs in the area.

Arlen Bento Jr. Golf Lesson Performance Center is located at 2201 SE Indian St. C5, Stuart Florida.

The 2000 square foot facility is located in the B&A Commerce Park in the heart of Stuart, near the iconic B&A Flea Market.  On the weekends please use the Indian St. entrance as the Flea Market is very congested and some smaller streets are blocked.

Indoor sessions are $75 for 45 min and include a video lesson recap.

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Saints Golf Course

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