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Steve Klinker’s golf journey began at the tender age of 10 when he stumbled upon a set of golf clubs tucked away in a closet. With youthful curiosity, he and a friend embarked on a golfing adventure to the local course in Fort Worth, Texas, where they spent three days gleefully hitting golf balls in all directions. Their golfing escapade was soon interrupted by a course worker who kindly informed them that playing golf required more structure – specifically, paying for rounds and adhering to the course’s layout, hole by hole.

Undeterred by this revelation, Steve continued to play throughout the year, steadily honing his skills. His dedication paid off when he earned a spot on his high school golf team, eventually becoming the team’s lead golfer during his junior year. As graduation approached, Steve was offered golf scholarships from several universities. However, he faced a pivotal decision – pursue a golf career or focus on his dream of entering professional school. In the end, his determination to prioritize his studies led him to decline the golf scholarships, a decision that he regards as one of his toughest choices.

Although he chose the path of medicine, Steve’s passion for golf never waned. After retiring from the medical field, he found himself yearning to play and teach the game he loved. Seeking guidance and expertise, he embarked on a journey of skill development, both as a player and as a teacher and coach. After two years of rigorous training, Steve felt ready to earn his teaching certification. He completed the certifying course through the United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF), passing all components of testing and successfully meeting the requirements of the Players Ability Test (PAT). Today, he collaborates with fellow instructors in various teaching capacities, including instructing classes such as First Tee, Shoot 36, clinics, workshops, and programs for veterans and Special Olympics athletes.

Although he had to wait half a century to realize his dream, Steve Klinker has found immense pleasure in launching a new career after retirement. His diverse background, including extensive travel as a medical missionary, lends a distinctive perspective to his golf instruction. Steve incorporates principles of anatomy, physiology, psychology, nutrition, and biomechanics into his teaching approach, tailoring instruction to each individual’s abilities and limitations. Through this unique and holistic method, he strives to develop players not only on the golf course but also in life.

Steve Klinker looks forward to helping individuals achieve their goals and aspirations, whether in golf or the broader journey of life.



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